Payment terms

Payment terms

Bank links
After placing an order in the e-shop, you will be directed to the selected Internet bank, where you will see a pre-filled payment order. After confirming the payment order, leave the Internet bank by clicking the “Back to the merchant” button. The communication between the bank and the buyer is protected by the SSL security protocol, which ensures that the information exchanged cannot be intercepted or altered by unauthorized persons. When you return to the merchant, you will receive a list of target customers in your email or you can enter the 1CONTACT OÜ environment and download your list.

Package orders can be paid for with a debit and credit card (Visa, MasterCard). All prices displayed in the environment are in euros. 1CONTACT OÜ does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card data.
Monthly payments can be made regularly from the credit card for orders with a duration agreement, the consent of which is confirmed by the Customer when selecting the package with a separate note: “I agree with automatic monthly payments.
The order is fulfilled after the payment is received in the bank account of 1CONTACT OÜ.

Definitions used

1.1. Web domain name:
1.2. Service Provider: 1CONTACT OÜ (reg. Code 11375045)
1.3. Subscriber: Any natural or legal person who has expressed a desire to purchase from the online environment a list of sales leads (marketing list), field reviews of sales management software usage rights.

General conditions
2.1. Use of the Website shall be deemed to be the use of any list, amount of data or software application made available to the Subscriber through the Website or by email.
2.2. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the User’s personal data is stored only with the User’s permission and only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website and its services.
2.3. 1CONTACT OÜ processes the buyer’s personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Conditions and only to the extent necessary for the operation of the Website services.
2.4. 1CONTACT forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

Rights and obligations of the contracting authority
3.1. In the case of orders, the object of which is the transmission of sales lists and which have been received and downloaded by the Subscriber to a physical data carrier, the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply.
3.2. The Monthly Order is automatically extended at the end of each subscription period (1 month), unless the Subscriber terminates the Order before the end of the subscription period (12 months) on the basis of a request. At the end of the term contract before 12 months, a one-time fee is payable on the sales list, from which the previously paid monthly taxes are deducted. After 12 months, the duration contract can be terminated at any time and the contract is valid until the end of the prepaid period.
3.3. The Subscriber uses the information for his own use and at his own risk and does not provide the information from the Website without the written consent of the Service Provider, nor does it resell it.

Rights and obligations of the Service Provider.
4.1. The Service Provider undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the Subscriber to third parties, except when transmitting the data on the bases prescribed by law for the prevention, investigation or other similar cases of an offense.
4.2. The Service Provider has the right to reasonably refuse to provide the service to the Subscriber.
4.3. The Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without sanctions if the Subscriber violates the payment terms, terms of use or ordering conditions.

Exemption of the Service Provider from liability
5.1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect costs or income lost due to the non-use of the information by the Subscriber.
5.2. The Service Provider is not liable for the violation of the Terms of Use committed by the Subscriber, regardless of the amount and form of the damage.
5.3. The Service Provider is not liable for any damage or loss of income caused by the actions or omissions of third parties.

Entered into force on 01.09.2019