Subscription Terms

Subscription Terms

1. General Conditions and definitions

1.1. The service provider is 1Contact OÜ, Registry code 11375045, Location Tähe 129b, Tartu 51013. Customer Support Phone: 7446645 (Mon-Fri 8.30-17) and e-mail:

1.2. Upon placing the order, the customer agrees to 1CONTACT OÜ with the terms and conditions of the purchase and sale contract which enter into force after payment.

1.3. Definitions:

  • The Subscriber is a private individual or a legal person who has completed 1CONTACT OÜ order and has executed the payment.
  • The order is a transaction between 1Contact OÜ and a subscriber with the content of:
    • Subscribe to target customer lists (marketing lists)
    • Sales management software (CRM) ordering
  • The list of Target customersis less than-rechargeable files (. csv and . xls extension Files)
  • Sales management software is software used to manage sales, which is prepopulated with the target customer lists.

2. Ordering Products

2.1.1CONTACT OÜ Order is a single or repeated use (monthly fee)

2.1.1 One-off target customer list

2.1.2 List of target clients with fixed and multiple downloadable (with updates daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly)

2.1.3 A single, downloadable sales management software applicationthat is pre-populated with a list of Target customers.

2.2.4 A fixed-line sales management software on a virtual server that is prepopulated with a list of target customers and updated on a daily basis.

2.2. A one-off order shall be deemed to have been received if the customer has received his/her product(s) from the data carrier after the payment has been carried out.

2.6. The monthly subscription will be extended automatically at the end of each subscription period (1 month), unless the subscriber terminates the order before the end of the subscription period (12 months). At the end of the agreement before the expiry of the 12-month period, a one-off fee shall be paid, from which shall be deducted the previously paid sum. After 12 months, the agreement can be terminated at any time and the contract is valid until the end of the prepaid term.

3. Right of withdrawal

3.1. In the case of orders which have as their object the transmission of lists of Target customers and which are received and downloaded by the contracting entity to their data medium, the 14-day right of withdrawal shall not apply.

3.2 Subscriptions with a reusable character are durable contracts that apply for a minimum of 12 months, i.e . The purchased lists are in the section down for a12-month period. The lists received by the customer, which are downloaded to the subscriber ‘s medium, the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply. A durable contract can be terminated on the basis of an application and a one-off fee for the list shall be charged upon the end of the contract, which shall be deducted from the monthly paid sum.

4. Complaints

4.1. The customer has the right to submit complaints concerning the delivery of the products to 1CONTACT OÜ within two months from the discovery of the defect.

4.2. All complaints submitted shall be reviewed and answered as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the notice.

5. Filling in and making changes to order terms

5.1. 1Contact OÜ does not guarantee compliance with the order requirements and may suspend or terminate the order if:

  • The customer does not pay the agreed amount for the order by the due date.
  • The Subscriber does not fulfil any other ordering conditions.

Entered into force 01.09.2019