Sell, market and earn wisely

Deploy with the world’s most popular open source SuiteCRM

Sales management software already filled with target customer contact and analytical data



Choose your CUSTOMERS target group – by industry, by keywords, etc. and fill in your database with one click

All necessary data is automatically transferred to the CRM database and updated in real time



Send your potential target customer information to the CRM database on any web page in just one click

Storybook’s Chrome extension lets you send leads to your CRM from any web page, and all the details you need are filled with magic



You will always be the first to receive hot leads from the Storybook ordering environment

All potential orders are automatically sent to your CRM so you can handle hot orders right away



Send your offers to all potential customers in your targeted audience at once

Your offers reach the Storybook offer environment in the mailbox of a pre-selected target group of companies. Be the first to win!

CRM with over 4 million users worldwide!

The instruction manual is HERE

How many target customers do you want to receive?
The full CRM software solution is free
for you you only pay for data, data analysis and updates
By paying monthly
Paying once a year

Data is Your Information Asset! With hundreds of CRMs to choose from, it’s often difficult to decide on one or the other software because they all look the same, so it’s better to make your own CRM content, or data. Without data, CRM is inefficient and quite useless, but with pre-filled data, analytics and automated data updates, it is already invaluable in terms of cost savings and revenue maximization.

Whom to sell? No more worrying about who could be your potential customer and who to contact. All the information is prepared for your sales props and all you need is to click on the phone of a member of the board of directors (or finance, marketing, etc.) and start selling.

Give credit? To assess reliability, companies have a science-based credit score in traffic light colors that indicates the likelihood of insolvency. The amount of the credit limit (free cash) in euros and the terms of payment are indicated according to the level of business risk of the company. In the event of a larger credit sale, you can open a detailed credit report directly from your CRM with a single click.

Can I get the money? However, if you have a debt that is owed to you for sale – you do not need to worry, as you can redirect your debtor to the Storybook wall page with just one click. In this case, a letter (proposal) to the Debtor will be sent to pay within 7 days, after which the debtor will have the right to disclose the debt information on the Debtor’s profile and publish an “Income Story”, which usually affects the debtor.